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This is the tentative portal page of the ProteinCarta database, which is run by Koichi Tanaka Laboratoty of Advanced Science and Technology (KTLAST).

The development of ProteinCarta is granted by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) through the "Funding Program for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology (FIRST Program)," initiated by the Council for Science and Technology Policy (CSTP), government of Japan.


"ProteinCarta" Disclosure Policy (Feb. 7, 2014)

Content of ProteinCarta Services

- The Koichi Tanaka Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology, at Shimadzu Corporation is in charge of developing this website. Hereinafter, this institution shall be referred to as "KTLAST."
- This website provides a free-of-charge service developed by the KTLAST to run programs for proteomic analyses via the Internet (hereinafter "ProteinCarta").
- This disclosure policy applies to all uses of this website by users. Users must comply with this disclosure policy in order to use the website.

Use of ProteinCarta

- In general, there are no restrictions on who may use ProteinCarta or how they use it.
- However, the KTLAST does not permit the following actions by users. If a user performs any of these actions, the KTLAST will terminate providing ProteinCarta to the applicable user. Furthermore, the KTLAST shall not be responsible for any consequences resulting from such termination of ProteinCarta.
- Any actions that cause, or could cause, damage to the KTLAST or other third parties.
- Any actions that are or could be considered offensive to public order and decency.
- Use or supply of computer viruses or other harmful programs.
- Actions that violate or might violate laws and regulations.
- Any actions that the KTLAST considers inappropriate.
- In general, ProteinCarta is available for use at any time, but the KTLAST reserves the right to interrupt ProteinCarta without notice to perform emergency maintenance or to discontinue ProteinCarta. Furthermore, the KTLAST shall not be responsible for any consequences resulting from such interruption or discontinuation of ProteinCarta.
- If results from using the website are published, please clearly cite the website name and URL address.


- The KTLAST makes no warranty regarding the website, ProteinCarta.
- Every effort was made to ensure the programs of ProteinCarta available on the website provide the intended effect, but it is the user’s own responsibility to judge whether the output results are biologically sound.
- In no circumstances shall the KTLAST be responsible for any direct or indirect damages, lost income, damages to users arising from special circumstances, or requests by third parties for compensation from users.
- The KTLAST makes no warranty to users regarding intellectual property right infringement, either now or in the future. If a user infringes on a third-party intellectual property right due to using ProteinCarta, it shall be the user’s responsibility to resolve such infringement, at their own expense, and the KTLAST shall have no responsibility in the matter.

Maintenance and Ongoing Development

- During the implementation period of the development project entitled "Development of the next generation mass spectrometry system, and contribution toward drug discovery and diagnostics" (scheduled for completion by March 2014), the KTLAST is planning to add functionality, improve functionality, fix bugs, and update ProteinCarta whenever necessary. However, the content and timing of such updates shall be determined entirely based on the judgment of the KTLAST, with no obligation to users.
- Even after completion of the above development project, the KTLAST will establish a system for performing ongoing maintenance and development of ProteinCarta, but provides no warranty that ProteinCarta will be maintained or developed and has no obligation to users to do so.